Our Mission

Extreme Ownership, Extreme Partnership

With Our Clients

Fulfill customer requirements by partnering at every stage, to be as lean and responsive as possible. To engage with clients on the basis of honesty and mutually beneficial business practices. To innovate and strive to provide the agility modern construction projects require.

Within Our Company

We are committed to all of our associates and team members, with a lean, integrated approach in an ethical and trustworthy atmosphere that encourages ownership at all levels.  Knowing that our people are the engine of our company, SCS provides a framework for our employees to prosper, both for themselves and their loved ones.

Our Promises

Deference to our clients and employees

To endeavor to provide the best construction services in a honest professional manner, to render a quality product, on schedule, on or under budget. To consistently improve our performance and deliver the highest value to our customers giving them the safest construction experience. To encourage our associates to act with a sense of urgency and care both internally and externally, treating people fairly, and ultimately exceeding client expectations and our own.

Our Values

Every member of our team matters.

Belief in the sanctity and respect for our team members and clients, with a lean approach at the core of our operating procedures; SCS strives to bring value to our customers for all their industrial construction needs while providing unmatched opportunity to our family of employees. Looking forward to the future with safety foremost in our minds.